I'm Yannick, 24 years old and one of the two founders of OSAD. I'm suffering from ME/CFS since the end of 2015. I'm house bound and can only be a few hours a day active in a wheelchair since the mid of 2016. 

What is ME/CFS? 

I came up with the idea for OSAD as i realized that over 20 million people suffer from ME/CFS, but there is very little money available for its in comparison to other chronic diseases. A lot of people are waiting for their government to take action, because most people with ME/CFS dont have the money to donate, caused by their unability to work and need every cent for living and medication. So i wanted to find a method, where the affected people can finance ME/CFS research form their home, with only a short time investment per day and without spending their own money. And this is how the idea of OSAD was born.

The next step to realize this idea was to find a way how i can program an application, because I'm too weak to work on a computer. So i asked my friends during corona lockdown, if they know someone who wants to learn app programming with me via Skype over the phone. And luckily i found Niklas who wanted to make a course with me. This is our first app that we programmed completely by ourselves and i hope you like it :)!

I'm Niklas, 21 years old and currently studying computer science at the Hochschule Darmstadt. After I had graduated school in 2018, I did a voluntary year at a preschool which was an awesome year. That is one of the reasons I knew how nice it is to help other people, especially children. Because I am so interested in technologies, social work wouldn't be my future. But your can also give something back to society with the current state of social media and the globalisation. After Yannick asked me if I'm interested in learning app development, I was happy to do that and amazed how easy it is to learn something like this yourself. So we finished the course, and Yannick had this awesome idea. And this is just it. You only need one good idea and know how to convert that idea into a product. 

What is my vision for the OSAD project?


My vision for OSAD is to give communities a tool to collect money for social purposes and not be dependent on money provided from the government or wealthy donors. 


What are my goals for the different projects?


Open Medicine Foundation:


That one day 100% of the needed research capital for open medicine foundation can be collected with OSAD. And of course as a final step to find a cure for ME/CFS, that most of the ME/CFS patients will be healed and I get my health back as much as this is possible.


Eden Reforestation Projects:


A first step for me would be to plant one million trees, to see for that the concept works. I know its a really ambitious thought, but in the future i would like to plant every year at least as many trees as being cut down. And may be even having a measurable impact on the global warming