A good deed everyday. OSAD makes it easy to live this old but simple thought.

One Survey A Day is a mobile application, with that you can donate money to social organizations by making paid surveys. 


1. Download the OSAD mobile app. (IOS testflight open beta) 

2. Open the app and choose a social project you want to support. For example Eden Reforestation Projects.


3. Take a survey. When the survey was successful, a small amount will be donated to the social project you chose


2. The very first survey you make is a demographic survey, which is unpaid but only a one time thing, that more suitable surveys will be provided to you and you won't be excluded from surveys too often. 


4. Go to the app setting and set a personal notification time, when you want to get your daily reminder, that you can support your chosen project daily.


What is the strength of OSAD? OSAD is really strong in collecting money, if the community who wants to support a project is large, but not many people in the community can or are willing to donate their own money. But to understand the possibility's better we make an example with our plant a tree project: Case one (small community):When 10 people would use OSAD to plant a tree everyday, then 3.650 trees would be planted every year. Its better than nothing, but it wont have a large impact on the global environment. Case two (medium community):When 10.000 people would use OSAD to plant a tree everyday, then 3.650.000 trees would be planted in one year. If we say that 80 trees bind 1.000 kg of co2 a year, than 3.6m trees would bind the co2 emissions of 18.250 active cars. Which is actually not bad for only 10.000 people. Case three (large community):When around 1% of the global population (around 70 million people) would use OSAD to plant a tree every day, then 25,5 billion trees would be planted every year. This would mean that 10% of the global co2 emissions of cars could be bound per year. And the best thing is, it would grow by 10% with every coming year, because it would be a constant and not a one time donation. We know that this account is very basic and theoretical and we also know that this is not the solution to global warming. But it shows (considering the fact that global warming is worldwide problem) how not a super large group of people can have a real impact on the global environment. And this concept would work with other projects too, like to collect research money for chronic diseases. We hope that this example gave you an idea of what is theoretically possible with OSAD. We think that the challenges of todays world can only be accomplished when we work together and constantly as a community. So if you have a proposal for a project or social organization, where the community would have an impact with OSAD, feel free to contact us here.